Best New Artists of 2018 (So Far)
From the breezy self-determination ode “Cool” to the scene-of-the-crime heartbreak anthem “Crying on the Subway” to the unflinching “Queen of High School,” Hana Vu is a songwriter with a knack for capturing mood and setting in a way that truly puts you in her shoes. That she self-produces her work only makes it more inimitable, and the added sheen of California gloss guarantees repeat plays.

Vu has been a DIY fixture for years on Bandcamp, and as her chops have improved she’s honed her identity as a keen-eyed lyricist and a vocalist capable of bringing singer-songwriter vulnerability to bristling post-punk soundscapes. Vu’s new EP, How Many Times Have You Driven By, just came out, and she’s poised to be an essential voice in this new era of indie rock for years to come. —Grant Rindner

From what I can tell scrolling through the internet, seventeen-year-old Hana Vu has been making scruffy-sounding pop-rock from her bedroom in Los Angeles for a couple years now. In that short time frame, the still-high schooler has managed to score a Willow Smith feature, as well as an opener slot for indie rock band Soccer Mommy in their recent tour. She produces all her own stuff and makes cool covers of some of my favorite songs. Read the full article at The Fader, here.

Anyone who enjoys commuting is a bare-faced liar. It’s long, boring, crowded and bloody expensive. Hana Vu’s pop-gem ‘Crying On The Subway’ is everyone’s realistic anthem, then. But the LA artist isn’t all doom and gloom. Her upcoming EP ‘How Many Times Have You Driven By’ is packed full of astute observations about life, creativity and teaches a little bit of self-love, too (“Don’t tell me that I’m wrong/Cos ain’t nobody right” – ‘Cool’). Read the full article at NME, here.