Osmar Escobar is a multitalented Colombian artist whose voice embodies his deep passion for music through his conviction and rhythmic flow.

His love of writing has become the rhythms and songs that are sticky, flowy, light, and powerful all at the same time. Escobar’s lyrics celebrate life in all of its realness, be it a tough moment or a free and easy one. From the purely entertaining, to songs that are introspective which reveal a soul with a strong sense of self, a true understanding of what his purpose is is ever-present. Osmar is just as comfortable speaking to the world about the truth of life, the difficulties, and the power of the mind, as he is about simply chilling with his friends.

Escobar has made the move from Miami to Los Angeles in preparation of his forthcoming EP, La Confesión, which is set for release on June 15th through Empire Distribution.

Osmar’s current single “Morir O Ganar” showcases his upbringing and the harsh realities of his past as well as his appreciation for his current successes.

Osmar Escobar’s upcoming collaboration with Hi-Tone, on La Confesión track “2Lanez,” is set for release April 2018.