BIA - Safari - bts Shot

Bostonian bi-racial Boricua emcee BIA has been behind the scenes finessing her lyricism towards mainstream airwaves for years. Her hunger initially shined through on the Oxygen series, Sisterhood of Hip Hop. However, her moment did not come until much later on the 17 Annual Latin Grammys stage. The slim figured rapper’s heavy showmanship came out swinging as fiercely as her wavy hair extensions. Alongside her I AM OTHER cosign Pharrelland the beloved J Balvin, the Latino community was forced to become acquainted.

The streets are buzzing about the release of her hardcore meets fashion-forward project Trap Vogue.But BIA has been profound from the start and it resonates now more than ever. At the top of 2016, she teamed up with super-producer Bunx Dadda and rapped, “If Gucci’s coming home then we don’t need no Donald Trump.” Today she reflects on her premonition stating she feels “disappointed but not defeated. The youth needs to know this is what it is right now, but this is not what it will be forever.”

In 2017, progressiveness is her only focus – after having explored Puerto Rico and much of South America for the first time. BIA feels connected to her culture like never before.  With well-over 300 million impressions on the “Safari” video, she is taking her music a step further. The rapper is learning Spanish and channeling one of her idols, Ivy Queen – for her upcoming genre-merging Spanish project. Already halfway through the mixtape, BIA says she’s excited and pushing her sound where she never thought she would go. This year she is taking it global and we’re equally enthusiastic to hear more.

by Bianca Mercado for