Fleetwood Mac is one of the most sacred artists of all time, but Hana Vu does the rock band justice on her cover of their 1982 hit “Gypsy.” The 18-year-old is a self-taught musician hailing from Los Angeles and has already shown a tremendous amount of potential with her impressive debut EP titled How Many Times Have You Driven By that came out this past summer on Luminelle Recordings. Today, we’re premiering Vu’s groovy take on Fleetwood Mac’s classic and it’s definitely a version that Stevie Nicks would be proud of. Furthermore, we guarantee that the song will instantly put you in a delightful mood for the remainder of your day.

“‘Gypsy’ is the height of vocal, instrumental, and lyrical intricacy,” Vu said in an email. “It is almost forbidden to cover such a monumental track.

Vu is also well known for collaborating with Willow Smith starting with their 2016 song “Queen of High School.” This year, she also opened for Nashville’s Soccer Mommy so she’s really been making her rounds. Stop what you’re doing, scroll down, and stream Vu’s cover right now. For more from this promising indie artist on the rise, check out her How Many Times Have You Driven By EP.
By: Sydney Gore for High Snobiety