Daje is a Bay Area songwriter, producer, and mix engineer.

He has written with and produced songs for UK artist Rainy Milo (, most notably for her “Limey” EP, which was released in October 2012 and her Black and Blonde EP featuring her interpretation of the song “Bankrobber” from The Clash which he produced as well as the recent release “Deal Me Briefly” featuring the music track by Chet Faker where Daje then added additional production including a horn solo and all of the vocal recording and mixing as well as co-writing. The song will be featured for her upcoming album

Known for his warm production sound and vintage analog gear, his recent work has classified him as expert songwriter/producer combination. As comfortable with songwriting as he is with vocal compression, Daje is a triple threat when it comes to the studio. He is an audiophile and skilled engineer combining great sounds and while being able to pull a great performance out of an artist.

Daje and his team work in his studio in the San Francisco Bay Area featuring the best vintage console and tape machine as well as the most modern, hi-definition digital gear.