Myagi is a mythical creature creeping, crawling and sniffing around LA’s underground. Not much is known about his past except that he was raised in a filthy evil city just outside of LA called San Bernardino, or as some call it “San Murda-Dino”.

In his music Myagi contrasts polar sides of his personality by channeling himself as the darkness in light, and the light in the darkness. Myagi is known to combine dark, dirty, hardcore lyrics with melodic easy going beats- in addition to combining dark filthy serious beats with easy going fantasy raps. He incorporates a goth theme in the music he makes across all genres, in an effort to make a sonic statement and movement for the goth street culture.

In 2012 Myagi created and defined the term “goth trap” or “goth rap” to identify the music he made alongside the members his group, All Hail Noir.