Timothy James’ debut singles “Crazy” and “Light ‘em Up” are the kind of sing-along anthems you’d blast while driving a country highway, like the long stretch of Interstate 5 that runs between their hometowns of Lincoln and Springville, California. Add their follow-up single “It Don’t Live Here” into the mix, and you’ll invariably find yourself drumming the steering wheel and singing along with its catchy hook.
With a notable range of heart in “Kiss ‘em Both For Me” and a laid-back tenderness in “Chillin’,” their effortless harmonies have quickly established them as the country duo to watch.
Currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, Timothy James is rolling out of artist development this Summer with Cutcraft Music Group (Los Angeles/London). Produced by Nick Bearden of Jamestown Revival, Nashville is taking note of Timothy James’ and Josh Misko’s debut that will simultaneously leave fans wanting more and ready to hit repeat.
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