C.P DUBB // Number 1 Album with Hoodie SZN

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Cutcraft writer/producer C.P DUBB captures his first Number 1 album for his work on the new album release, Hoodie SZN, from artist A Boogie Wit da Hoodie.  Read the entire Billboard article here.

SYNCH // BIA x Chanel’s Chance Perfume

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Catch the new Chanel ad “Take A Chance” for the new launch of their perfume Chance.  Hear Cutcraft artist/writer BIA along with Sam Spiegel, MC Pikachu and Tropkillaz on the song “Perfect,” below.

C.P DUBB // A Boogie Wit da Hoodie releases video for “4 Min Convo”

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Watch the video for the C.P DUBB produced and co-written song “4 Min Convo (Favorite Song)” from A Boogie Wit da Hoodie.

Kossisko Live in Oakland with G-Eazy and ALLBLACK

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Just released, and already sold out, Kossisko is set to perform with G-Eazy and ALLBLACK on January 26th at The New Parish in Oakland for the 10th anniversary of the venue.

C.P DUBB included on Hoodie SZN from A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

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A Boogies Wit da Hoodie’s brand new album, Hoodie SZN, features production and co-writing from C.P DUBB. Check out the song, “4 Min Convo (Favorite Song)” here:

Hana Vu Exhilaratingly Takes on Fleetwood Mac’s “Gypsy”

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Fleetwood Mac is one of the most sacred artists of all time, but Hana Vu does the rock band justice on her cover of their 1982 hit “Gypsy.” The 18-year-old is a self-taught musician hailing from Los Angeles and has already shown a tremendous amount of potential with her impressive debut EP titled How Many Times Have You Driven By that came out this past summer on Luminelle Recordings. Today, we’re premiering Vu’s groovy take on Fleetwood Mac’s classic and it’s definitely a version that Stevie Nicks would be proud of. Furthermore, we guarantee that the song will instantly put you in a delightful mood for the remainder of your day.

“‘Gypsy’ is the height of vocal, instrumental, and lyrical intricacy,” Vu said in an email. “It is almost forbidden to cover such a monumental track.

Vu is also well known for collaborating with Willow Smith starting with their 2016 song “Queen of High School.” This year, she also opened for Nashville’s Soccer Mommy so she’s really been making her rounds. Stop what you’re doing, scroll down, and stream Vu’s cover right now. For more from this promising indie artist on the rise, check out her How Many Times Have You Driven By EP.
By: Sydney Gore for High Snobiety


Kossisko Announces New Album ‘Low’ & Debuts Music Video for “CARDIO”

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“This is me as a person, with all my influences and everything.”

Several years after emerging as one of the most-talked-about and critically-acclaimed newcomers of his era, Kossisko (formerly the Ice Cold Perm and Ivry mastermind 100s) is ready to drop his first formal studio album since beginning his new artistic evolution on 2015’s This May Be Me. Titled Low, Kossisko’s upcoming LP serves as the follow-up to 2015’s Red White N Cruel. A departure from the sounds that made him a cult favorite and internet hero of the post-blog era, Low takes the industrial tones of Yeezus, the funk-as-high-art mindset of Prince and the dancefloor sensibilities of every popstar since Michael Jackson and blends them together with a genre-agnostic approach.

“I could say this is really like my debut album,” Kossisko tells us, breaking down his new Low LP. “I did some EPs and shit, but it wasn’t this. Now it’s dialed in, and this is what the f*ck I wanted to do. This is the first album I feel like I have ever done — even considering what I did with 100s. This is me as a person, with all my influences and everything. Now, I’m at the point where I’m like, “this is exactly what the f*ck I wanted to do.’”

“I listen to everything, but I mainly draw influences from Rick James, Prince, Depeche Mode, Ariel Pink and shit like that,” he adds, explaining some of the inspirations for his latest sound. “That’s what I really be listening to.”

To support his upcoming project, Kossisko is debuting a new visual and record, “CARDIO.” The concept for the “CARDIO” video took a few months to create, and Kossisko even spent a great deal of time and effort creating a special moodboard, miniature music video set and treatment for the piece.

Check out Kossisko’s new music video for “CARDIO” above, while Low is scheduled to arrive next Friday, November 16; pre-orders are currently available as well. Read the Patrick Montes/Hypebeast exclusive interview with Kossisko at the following link. 

WATCH: Hana Vu Performs for Audiotree Live

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Hana Vu is a low-key indie pop quartet whose groovy love songs are written, produced, and fronted by Hana herself. Hana pulls deep insight from seemingly unremarkable moments to pen thoughtful, woozy bedroom pop jams. Her live band peppers in energetic, clean guitar licks and thumping rhythms to round out their enchanting sound.

Recorded on September 7, 2018 in Chicago, IL.

Visit Hana’s website – https://hanavu.bandcamp.com/

C.P DUBB // Unforgettable RIAA Certified 6x Platinum

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Congratulations to C.P DUBB as “Unforgettable” is now RIAA certified 6x Platinum!!

Netflix: Prateek Kuhad perfectly captures the spirit of modern relationships

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Little Things on Netflix had, in its first season, tugged at audiences’ heart strings with its simple yet honest portrayal of modern couples and their share of problems. Often touted as a millennial problem, ‘relationships’ in contemporary times, are known to often have no external problematic agents but internal characteristic issues. With a considerable decrease in attention spans and a parallel increase in life’s pace, ‘Pause’ takes a moment to introspect, to think and most importantly to feel.

Composed by Prateek Kuhad, ‘Pause’ has the tranquility which has gradually become the singer-composer’s trademark style. Directed by Reema Sengupta, ‘Pause’ depicts ‘new age’ couples while they sing along to Kuhad’s sweet lyrics. The balance which most require to strike in order to enjoy the relationship, is beautifully depicted by the couples actually going in for balancing gymnastic postures, in the video. Featuring Little Things‘ main couple Dhruv Vats (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavya Kulkarni (Mithila Palkar), ‘Pause’ is sure to leave its viewers wondering and ruminating.

Little Things charts the narrative of a couple who navigate the complicated world of relationships, careers, and aspirations in the fast-paced city of Mumbai, while always cherishing the little things that make life worth living. Little Things season 2 is all set to stream on Netflix from 5 October, 2018.

Read the entire story from FirstPost here.

BIA Releases Debut EP and Music Video

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BIA releases her debut EP, Nice Girls Finish Last: Ciudado EP (RCA Records) and music video for single “Hollywood.”

Stream the EP in its entirety and watch the music video for “Hollywood”below.

Danny Seth Signs Worldwide Publishing Deal with Cutcraft Music Group

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Cutcraft Music Group is pleased to announce the worldwide signing of London based rapper Danny Seth.

With his debut breakthrough mixtape “Perception”, the British rapper/producer immediately established himself as a visionary. Bridging the sonical gap between his home town London, and second home Los Angeles, Danny’s music has global appeal and has taken him all over the world to perform live; most recently he was hand picked to support Post Malone on his “Stoney” European tour. Earning respect from the music, film and fashion industries alike with co-signs from the likes of Virgil Abloh and No I-D.

“Extremely excited to be working with Cutcraft to bring the vision I’ve been working on the past couple of years to life I’ve been missing for a minute..but the British are returning…“ Danny Seth, TBAC

“Danny has it all… the talent, intelligence and vision that is an absolute pleasure to support and expand upon.” Katrina Sirdofsky, Cutcraft Music Group’s Founder and CEO.