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We all know that great music speaks to whatever’s going in the world, be it war, famine, or our obsession with technology (and the way it seems to always connect us to the past). When it comes to the latter, “Cell” the lead single from model/musician Miles Garber, producer/engineer Frank Tatick, and Nick Long (King Princess, Anna of the North, Bebe, and Bjorns)—of Fukushima Daisies—hits the nail on the head.

From start to finish, the track takes you on an introspective journey littered with nostalgia and passion. It’s perfect anthem for swaying around when flooded with memories that involve past flames. It’s a vast departure from the autotuned cacophonies that plague radio airwaves; the spirit of alt-rock lives on!

Of the song, the group says it was it’s about the moment when you realize that the thing you’ve been convinced is hurting you, is the only thing that was helping. Combine that feeling with electric guitars, pounding drums, ghostlike piano riffs, and lyrics like “You opened your door when all my bridges were burning,” and you have yourself a top-of-the-line teenage angst anthem coated in glorious falsetto.

Enough chit-chat, though. Listen to “Cell” now across all streaming platforms. And, if you want more Fukushima Daisies and plan on being in the Highland Park/Los Angeles area on March 28, the band is hosting a special party at Blind Barber. Simply DM the group (@fukushimadaisies) for an invite on Instagram, and voila! You’re in.